2014 Regular Education Summer School Registration


Join in on some summer fun while growing as learners! We hope this additional time spent on key academic skills will make a difference in your child’s academic progress.


Step 1:  Carefullyread the Summer School letter before beginning the registration process.  For a copy of the Summer School Letter click here


Please consider signing your child up to be a volunteer for the Camp Chatterbox Program.  
For more information on the program  
click here


Step 2: Complete the on-line registration form by April 17, 2014.

You must complete the on-line form in one sitting so before completing the registration form make sure: (1) you have the work, home, and cell phone numbers of both parents/guardians handy as well as the email address of one parent; and, (2) you are prepared to select whether your child will attend the Math session, the Literacy session, or both.


· If you want to see a copy of the registration form before completing it click here

· When you are ready to fill out the registration form click here


Step 3: Complete and mail the following hard copy forms to us.


· Parent Contact/ Medical Information form click here to download the form


Mail this form to Donna Latraverse, Westborough Public Schools, 45 West Main Street, Westborough, MA 01581 by April 25, 2014.

Step 4: Please note that registrations and payments received after April 17th will be subject to a $25 late fee and may result in placement on a wait list.


$175 for one course

$250 for two courses

*Financial assistance is available to Westborough residents who qualify for assistance.


· Click here to make your  payment.



If you have questions about the process of registering please call Donna Latraverse at (508) 836-7700 ext. 3.

If you need translations of this information please contact Joanne Fridley at (508) 836-7702 (ext 1015).